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Released on the 21th July 2017
by JAZZ 'n' ARTS Records





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Jacques Prouvost ...."caroll vanwelden (avec Jens Düppe et le magnifique trompettiste Thomas Siffling) chante les sonnets de Shakespeare. Oui, oui ! Etonnant, somptueux, raffiné. Une véritable réussite."

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Sings Shakespeare Sonnets 3
Shall I compare thee - sonnet 18

What's in the brain - sonnet





Caroll Vanwelden Sings Shakespeare Sonnets 3
all music & arrangements by caroll vanwelden        
all lyrics by william shakespeare

all lyrics of the sonnets downloadable

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“All good things come in threes“; this must have been Caroll Vanwelden’s motivation which lead the Belgian to write a jazz trilogy around Shakespeare’s sonnets. It was back in 2012 and 2014, she had already started working on the 154 sonnets of Shakespeare, when she presented her sensitive manner of work. Hence, two by the critics highly acclaimed releases were born. The artist went on a musically multidimensional journey which will reach its peak but also its brilliant ending with her newest release Caroll VanweldenSings Shakespeare Sonnets 3 on JAZZNARTS RECORDS on July 21st 2017.
Once again, the last record of her trilogy creates an original and unique approach and this time to the most popular sonnets of the English grandmaster.

“So long as men can breathe or eyes can see, so long lives this, and this gives life to thee.” (William Shakespeare) It’s the idea of immortality, which the English lyricist and dramaturg is referring to in his most famous sonnet no. 18 from 1609. The guiding principles of infinite love and intense sexuality, almost manic obsession, the charming beauty of inevitable decay, and finite mortality. The 154 sonnets by Shakespeare are a collection of one of Shakespeare’s outstanding and epic opuses. No work of world literature except the Bible was translated into German more frequently.

The guiding thread of all productions is the warm and colorful voice of Vanwelden. One moment the artist is able to create a multifaceted melancholy and in the next moment, the listener gets carried away by the intensity and power of her voice. She releases energy, creates emotions, and enchants with hypnotic ease. This, combined with the thematic discussion on Shakespeare and his credo on the prosecution of infinite love, creates such a powerful expression as has not yet been experienced.
The singer is referring to the same kind of love, she shares for her two wonderful children, or the sexuality she experiences, when she is able to commit to her music entirely. At the same time, it is a conflict confrontation to be almost obsessed with perfectionism towards the unique and untouchable oeuvre of Shakespeare. All of this is coated by her passion for beauty and aesthetic. However, the decay is covered as well; a decay which the English poet could almost effortlessly escape, due to his art enduring longer than time. Last but not least it is the mortality, a topic which was extremely present during the creation process of Shakespeare’s sonnet no. 3. Unfortunately, Vanwelden’s father died right before the release of the second album which influenced her work essentially. “The motifs and guiding lines of Shakespeare are both, fascinating and universal. I see myself in all of his motifs and find a huge amount of inspiration within them”, states the musician.

The pianist is musically supported by three of the most exciting and successful instrumentalist of Germany. Thomas Siffling from Mannheim, is playing the trumpet and the flugelhorn. His elegant melodies merge perfectly with Vanwelden’s unique and warm voice. The artist and professor Mini Schulz from Stuttgart is not only stroking the bow of his double bass gracefully, but is also plucking it in a groovy and casual manner. Jens Düppe, living in Cologne, is the newcomer of the group. With his drum and percussion playing, he creates complex rhythm, and contributes to the rich sound palette of the group.
Caroll Vanwelden’s interpretation of Shakespeare’s sonnets no. 3 marks a magical and absolute exclamation mark behind a musical trilogy of almost uncompetitive excitement. The courageous approach and the artistic treatment of the sonnets seem to succeed effortlessly.
The outcome is an album for the classical jazz admirer, friends of lyric, or the simple music fan. This album is a sheer delight from the first to the last piece, or, from verse to verse.

Sings Shakespeare Sonnets 3
Tired with all these - sonnet 66


Caroll Vanwelden piano, voice,  arrang.
Thomas Siffling trumpet, flughelhorn
Mini Schulz double bass
Jens Düppe
drums, percussion