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produced by caroll vanwelden & dirk van der linden


No horns, no violins, just that sober sound that reminds of the real cosy jazz clubs. With top musicians – Dirk Van der Linden on guitar, Janos Bruneel on double bass, and Stijn Wauters on the piano – vocalist Caroll Vanwelden succeeded in recreating that lovely 1920'/30’s sound with just the right retro touch and lots of great swinging moments. Caroll was really made to bring that good old jazzy style. As jazz has always been her first love this compilation of her all-time favourite standards resulted in the new swing album ‘Cheek to Cheek' which she dedicates to Ella Fitzgerald and the memory of the Nat King Cole trio. 'Cheek to Cheek' is a jazz album that brings back cherished memories of that great decade.




Radio Tequila 10-01-2010
Nieuwsblad 5-02-2010

ROB TV 16-02-2010
Radio Quartz 13-03-2010 8h-10h

Stories TV 29-03-2010 11h
03-04-2010 recensie in Bijblijven van Laatste Nieuws

Pictures of cd release click here

Video cd release end 2009