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Released on the 12th December 2013

Jazzmozaiek 2014-1 by Marc Van de Walle
Fonoforum by Thomas Hintze
STEREO Magazine

Songs of the '40s

Caroll Vanwelden voice
Thomas Stabenow double bass
Daniel Prandl piano
Bernhard Sperrfechter guitar

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God Bless the Child recordings 8/2013

Black Coffee recordings 8/2013

The enthusiasm with which singer/songwriter Caroll Vanwelden gives a renewed face to evergreens from the past in her latest album 'DON'T EXPLAIN', brings those unforgettable songs to a level where she, for a short time carries us back to the era of Billie Holiday, Nat King Cole and Ella Fitzgerald. This little pearl delivered by the Belgian Caroll Vanwelden keeps these wonderful songs in our collective memory and they honors the fame and the merit of those great composers from the first half of the last millennium.
Although she has already proven - with
‘Colours’ (2007) - that she’s an amazing composer and lyricist too, this time she wanted to make an album with her favorite songs of the ‘40s. Bringing back the big icons and idols from jazz history.
In 2009 she released an impeccable interpretation of the masterpieces of the roaring thirties in her album
‘Cheek to Cheek’.
Two years later she wanted another challenge. As she was always fascinated by the sonnets of William Shakespeare, she wrote her own compositions for 16 of his sonnets with the goal of making them accessible to a wider audience. This resulted in her album
'Caroll Vanwelden Sings Shakespeare Sonnets' (2012), which received many awards and made a real breakthrough in the German market.

This year she’s back again with her new album 'DON’T EXPLAIN' with her favorite songs of the ‘40s, featuring refreshing and colorful arrangements. Listening to her outstanding, unique and warm voice, you quickly come to the conclusion, that all the ingredients are there again to turn this 'new adventure' into another hit.
The openers 'All or nothing at all’ and ‘Don’t explain’ put you immediately in the right mood and atmosphere. Even the duet-song ‘Baby it’s cold outside’ keeps the listener in suspense until the last chord. Together with her wonderful band,
Thomas Stabenow on double bass, Daniel Prandl at the piano and Bernhard Sperrfechter on guitars, Caroll Vanwelden takes us seamlessly back in time to the top years of the good old cozy jazz clubs.

'DON'T EXPLAIN' is an amazing, powerful, emotional and vivacious album with fourteen tracks presented in a very minimalistic line-up; an album that catches your attention from the beginning to end.